Our Vision

Investing in women's economic empowerment to enable gender equity, poverty reduction, and inclusive economic growth.

Our mission

IWWAGE aims to support solutions and transformative policies using evidence and research to ensure inclusive and equitable access to employment markets, financial services, economic resources, and social protection for women.

Our motivation

Barriers to productive work and asset creation for women include deeply rooted social norms that limit their choices and access to opportunities. These barriers and limited investments curtail women and girls' access to economic assets such as land, credit, and access to labor and markets. This in turn affects their ability to earn an income and make decisions.

Our initiatives

IWWAGE aims at strengthening and informing social as well as economic policies, and solutions that enhance women and girls' economic empowerment. The program strives to understand what works to bridge women's access to decent jobs, entrepreneurial opportunities, accumulate assets, foster effective financial inclusion, and social protection for women.

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